Wealth management process

We work with you to develop an investment strategy consistent with your goals and requirements. Based on the results of our thorough review, we create an optimal weighting of the asset categories integral to the successful implementation of your portfolio strategy. When determining an asset allocation plan, we make a fundamental assessment of current and projected economic conditions and market valuations, to come up with an appropriate blueprint for your portfolio.

The next step in the process is the careful selection and execution of the portfolio strategy. With the combination of our in-house portfolio management services, the availability of separately managed accounts, and our network of premier external fund managers, we develop a well-constructed, diversified, and actively managed portfolio. Your portfolio will be continuously monitored to make sure it remains on track to achieve your investment objectives. Changing market conditions can cause the allocation of your assets to move outside the targets set for your portfolio. When this happens, we rebalance your portfolio to bring allocations back into the desired range.

We monitor all proprietary positions daily to make sure they continue to merit investment, and we scrutinize our outside managers on an ongoing basis, assuring that they uphold our rigorous standards and adhere to the investment philosophies for which they were originally selected.